What Can WE Do

Fast fashion is a growing industry in the world in many countries and many companies and people are promoting it, making it spread like wildfire among the world. What people don’t realize is that by having fast fashion grow, that creates more and more clothes that would potentially be turned into landfills. For people who don’t know, fast fashion is, “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.” If fashion is constantly being produced for cheap prices in accordance with the latest trends, people will most likely just throw out their old clothes or just allow their old clothes to collect dust in their homes. I believe there is a solution to these problems, but without the help of the media, it wouldn’t be able to work.

                  As I stated in my previous blog, I wanted to have non-profits and volunteers collect unwanted clothes and ship them to second and third world countries that need them more than we (and other economically stable countries) need them. This would be a good solution rather than the unwanted clothes creating landfills and polluting our earth. The way I would want fast fashion to be related to this is that, if everyone wants fast fashion, then with the help of promoters through the media, there could be bins placed all over the country that have technological aspects that allow you to shop these fast fashion trends, while at the same time you can drop off the clothes you no longer want anymore into the bins, almost like a “one-for-one” model like the shoe company TOMs does. The next step in all of this would be that the clothes would be shipped to the countries to certain homes that the non-profits would keep track of and each family would get the clothing they need. These bins could even be put on college campuses to allow college students to get involved and be aware of donating to countries who need it as well. 

                  While visiting the sustainability office last week, I learned how much Oklahoma State does for the environment and how about 75% of the electricity and power on campus is ran by windmills on a wind farm. It’s amazing to see how much our school gives back and reuses materials that most campuses would just throw away in the trash for it to create trash landfills that just destroy our earth. Something I didn’t even realize, but I see everyday is the water bottle stations that have clean purified water, I always knew they were there, but I just thought it was for people to just drink regularly, I didn’t realize it was to promote people to stop using plastic water bottles and just refill and refillable water bottle each day. If these efforts on campus did not exist, our community would just be giving into ruining our world and not realizing we’re killing it, with our efforts here at OSU, at least we see on campus the changes we are making for the world and how with everyone on campuses help, we can show other universities to follow in our footsteps, helping change the culture of waste among universities. 

                  Sustainability and the over-usage of plastic and other materials among the world are truly wicked problems, this is because it is not just impacting humans and what we do in our everyday life, but nature and the overall health of the earth. People need to realize that we are not separate from nature and if we continue to think that, our world will become so polluted there will be nothing we can do about it. As we can see, our school does so much for the world even it doesn’t seem like it, my question I’d like to ask is do you truly believe we (humans) have the power to help save our earth or do you think we have ruined it so much already it is a lost cause?  

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