During this course, I was able to learn and express my thoughts on multiple wicked problems in and out of my industry. There is way more factors in my industry that affect our planet. We spoke about mindfulness practice a lot and I feel that I was able to really contribute to that topic the most. Before this course I practiced yoga regularly, but I quickly learned that there are so many more ways to practice it. Humans are so unaware of the things they do daily that are killing our environment. Speaking about mindfulness practice came easy to me because I use it for my own personal anxiety. I love talking about mindfulness practice because I practice it often.

My major takeaway from this course is how my industry effects the world. I didn’t know that interior designers left that much of a footprint on the world. Interior designers leave a large footprint from construction and demolition waste. Landfills are full of all sorts of things but C&D waste leaves toxins from things such as drywall. It not only pollutes land, but it also pollutes the water and air quality. It made me more aware of all that can ruin the planet in my industry. I am now able to realize what I can do differently when it comes time to be able to actually perform in this industry.

I want to learn more about energy sustainability in the design of homes. I want to create my own business doing interior design and real estate. After going through this class, I want to make more sustainable homes for the future of the earth. I want to be more mindful in my industry when it comes time to actually own my business. Solar panel roofs are something that I really want to learn more about when it comes to the design of the home. Doing research in this class has opened my eyes to all of the possibilities that this industry has to offer. There are so many different ways to make this world more environmentally sustainable.

In my circle of influence, I can impact it by using what I learned in this class and applying it to my work. Sustainable homes not only look sleek but create a healthy living environment. In my business I want to innovate the way we run things. The world is dying, and every little thing effects our footprint as humans. We must be one with nature in order to keep the earth alive. The earth is dying, and we must change our ways before we lose it all. The world is able to live without the human population. We are only killing ourselves. I believe that in all we do, we should be mindful. I want to be a change in the design community. I want people to look at my work and crave what I produce. My goal is to be sustainable but affordable at the same time. A big problem is not being able to afford the cost of remodels for sustainability. 

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