Deforestation Station

Forests cover at least 30 percent of the worlds land area but they are still disappearing at an increasing rate. About 17 percent of the Amazonian rainforest has been destroyed in the past 50 years and it seems to be getting worse. Not all deforestation is intentional, it can be caused by natural causes or human factors. Never the less, we need trees in our environment to continue. They are crucial to help us survive as humans and our mindfulness!

Overproduction and mass building is happening right before our eyes. With all the mass production and building, there are toxic gasses being put into the world and that in turn is adding to the pollution in our air. Trees help benefit our air and trap the toxic air that is being produced. With all the deforestation going on we are riding of all the trees and allowing more room for mass production of homes, factories and other buildings.

Going to the office visit I really saw first hand how our waste can be used to benefit OSU, our state and more importantly the world. It was really cool to see the different sorting areas, machines to help compact the waste and the systems set in place to help the system stay as efficient as possible. I was honestly surprised that at OSU we had so much going on to keep our campus sustainable. One thing that really got my attention was the furniture room, you can send any broken furniture there to be repaired to fixed before it was declared unwanted. That really encouraged me to do the same in my own life and do everything I can to make things function and work well before getting rid of it. I think as Americans we need to be made more aware of the wicked problems going on and find ways to make things more sustainable long term.

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