Mind Care

Mindfulness isn’t self care. mindfulness is being aware of the world that we are living in, being aware of the changes in our society, being aware of what is going on around you. Being mindful is important to your self care because it could impact the longevity that you are here on the earth! I have learned during my short time in this class that being mindful of my carbon footprint, handling my waste etc can really increase a positive outcome for the earth rather than adding to a larger pile of unknown waste just for being mindful.

Marc Cohen’s Ted Talk was about the perspective that we as humans have on our wellbeing. He said “if we are looking at wellbeing it is about we and if you are thinking about illness it is about me”. I really was able to relate well to this statement, sometimes I am so unaware of my actions and the consequences that they might have. His talk really encouraged me to stop and think about my own life and how the things that I do and say can really effect the world and the people around me.

The reading this week discussed mindfulness more in depth and encouraged me to stop and examine how to act on how I am feeling and take action based on the situations that I am in. One thing that the reading touched on was ways to be more sustainable in day to day life. Being sustainable should be more of a priority to me, this is the world that I am talking about. Why has it not been important to me before this to find ways to change my habits and benefit the earth. Sustainability is something that I can easily change and start doing, the reading encouraged me to realize that.

Activity 2 was a simple way for me to visually evaluate wicked problems. I enjoyed doing the research and narrowing down different topics to discover the most wicked one. I am investigating deforestation and the effects of it long term. I think its an odd problem that we have allowed our society to rid itself of so many trees! we need trees to survive. So many animals have endured suffering from natural causes as well as human causes all because of deforestation.

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