Wicked Solutions

Furniture material waste is another problem that has been brought to my attention since being in wicked problems. Especially after visiting the sustainability office on campus. This problem is very similar to textile and clothing waste in ways that we don’t really need to have so many clothes or a whole bedroom set to survive. It is more for the luxury of it all, but I am just as guilty as the next person. No one wants to give up their designer clothes or the brand new vanity that they just got for their birthday. For the people who live in a first world country, these things are necessary in their everyday life. Even if we could find a way to cut down on textile waste in both the furniture and clothing industries, it will never fully stop.

With all that being said, the efforts for sustainability should not stop; At least not in my opinion. The fight for a sustainable environment is essential if we want to live past 2030. If no one on the planet cared about saving it, we would all be doomed. So what are we all going to do, doom the human race or save it?

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