Tree Hugger?

Trees really do save lives. 

Sustainability. The avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. This word has been the center of everything that I have learned this semester. It has taught me so much about not only the environment, but about myself and the steps I can take to create a sustainable life for me and others in it. 

As I begin to consider all of the ways I can change my lifestyle, I question how the Earth will be years from now when future generations are caring for our planet.  If people keep dumping into landfill, or littering, or cutting down trees, what is our environment going to look like in thirty years? It makes you wonder if you are doing enough to help save the world. Companies like Tentree have made an effort to plant trees every time an item of clothing is purchased. These social entrepreneurs have planted 23 million trees so far and do not plan on stopping. They design sustainable apparel and help out other countries not just by planting trees, but also financially by providing jobs, and fighting desertification. This company has taught me that my life should be “built around the impact and the change you hope to create, not the other way around. Find what matters to you and focus on that.” 

I have started to focus on the important things in life and the things that mean the most. Materialistic things are temporary and most of them are not good for the environment so take the time to just stop and focus on the important things in life. Give back, serve others, help the environment. The amount of trees that have been wiped from our planet have become a huge wicked problem and companies like Tentree pushes me to want to try to alleviate that. I feel like a way to help alleviate this problem would be to educate the public about the effects of wiping out trees. I feel if we alert the builders that tear them down and encourage them to plan as many trees as they cut down, it will plant the seed in their heads when it comes to the replanting process. I have grown so much as a person and a problem solver as I go through day to day life now thinking of all of the wicked problems out there. I am so inspired by this class and by companies like the one discussed in this blog. It has changed me and made be become someone who puts the environment first so one day my kids can live a long healthy life. Even out of this class I will continue to grow deeper in my journey and become and advocate for sustainability. 

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