When those wicked problems go you down

Do you fully understand the wicked problem that you are targeting? I feel like the answer will always be no, but for some individuals they may have a grasp on their wicked problem. Some might even have solutions set in motion, but it comes down to our politicians. This is what hooked me in the reading. You can know your solution and you can know how much money it will take but until our politicians get it together to nationally set it in motion, it will always remain a wicked problem. The wicked problem website is the starting point. For people who don’t know what their personal wicked problem is or what the world’s wicked problems are, this is a good website. It provides great narratives about different issues happening right now in our world. Taking what you learned from the wicked problems website and thinking about these problems with the current state analysis (CSA) is another good starting point. The current state analysis offers a breakdown for how you view the problem to be. A great learning point is that you can compare your ideas pertaining to the CSA with your peers. This offers new insights and learning. Always share with your peers, you will always learn something new. 

United by Blue is a clothing company that picks up 1 lb of ocean plastic for every dollar they make. They also use sustainable or eco-friendly materials in their products. I love the idea of their business because they are finding a way to stay profitable while completing ocean cleanups. The problem that I am attempting to address is plastic waste. To alleviate this problem, I am trying to cut out as much plastic as possible. Let me also say that there will be good and bad days. There will be super, bad days where all you use is single use plastic. BUT the fact that you were sad about it is a starting point. Understanding why it’s bad to use single plastic and questioning where it goes after use is a step above blindly using and throwing away these products. Sometimes I opt out of grabbing a drink because it will have a plastic lid and plastic straw. It is about making conscious efforts in this world of trying to alleviate wicked problems.


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