Amazon Rainforest or future deserts?

Since the beginning of this semester the burning of the amazon rainforest has been one of the top environmental issues being talked about. It has been at least 8 weeks and the rainforest is still burning down. There have been billions of dollars donated to help end the fires and a good amount of rescue teams sent yet the fires continue. We all know this is a tragic thing that is happening but what caused the fire? Who’s responsible? In our selfish nature we never find ourselves guilty for the destruction of our planet. As Billy Joel once said, “We didn’t Start the Fire”. If you listen closely to the lyrics of the song he blames everyone but himself over “starting the fire” and this is the perfect example in pop culture of our nature. What else that majorly impacts us has to happen for everyone to change the way they are living and start living for a more sustainable future? For the market reading this week my group was assigned to read the “YES” reading. In this reading, I found it interesting that even though the United States is the biggest economic market in the world, China is still the biggest pollutant. I believe this is because China produces the majority of the items that we retail here in the United States. I found it interesting that we have a wicked problems website. From the website I learned that wicked problems are more than just sustainability and being mindful. For example, designing can have a huge impact on sustainability and even solve or reduce our wicked problems. I also learned that wicked problems are more common among the lower class because of the lack of resources available to them and if we designed easier ways for them to live their lives then that could help solve some of our major wicked problems. One of my dearest friends started a clothing company. Her company is called the sanctuary project. She created this company in order to help create jobs and a safe enviorment for victims of sex trafficing and helping them gain work experience in a clean enviroment by having them produce and pack cute tshirts, sweatshirts, and jewlery. This is a great example of social entrepreneurship. She had a dream and desire to help people so she created something good out of her passions.

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