Kennedy’s sustainable Journey

Last week in class we discussed the market reading on if the market economy was more sustainable than the government. My group talked about the yes reading and we all agreed that the market economy was better at being more sustainable. One of my major takeaways from the reading was that China has a bigger population than the U.S. but we use more greenhouse gases. We also looked at the wicked problems website, which I found really interesting and eye opening. 

Social entrepreneurship is an approach to try and fund and find solutions to environmental crisis’. Toms is one of the businesses that I personally have noticed big into social entrepreneurship. For every Tom that is bought they give  an item to someone in need. I think that is a huge step in trying to solve the wicked problem of poverty. If that person gets a free item then that is one less item they have to buy. 

The main problem that I personally have been focusing on is textile and apparel waste within the fashion industry. I am not 100% sure on how I intended to alleviate this problem from the world exactly but I am open minded to learn. Next semester I plan on minoring in sustainability so I can learn more and hopefully play my part in making the world a sustainable place.

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