Political Power or People Power?

Political Power is really the broken back bone of our world and we rely on the government to do all of our decision making, whether it’s changing marriage laws to changing laws to help decrease climate change. Without political power and the political support, we won’t be able to change what needs to desperately change. The reading really digs deep at how our government is lacking in trying to help save our planet and preserve our world for the next generations. We have answers, solutions, and effective changes that will help reduce climate change but at this point it is just in the hands of the government to start acting upon the needs of our world and start changing things. I definitely took away how much thought and research went into the plans and solutions for climate change, through an emissions trade or a carbon tax. 

            With the website, I learned that there are many different ways that can start to help spread change throughout communities and the world, from food pantries to innovative information products, it can be very easy to start making small changes in our communities. I also learned that there are companies out there that donate 100% of their profits to charity, such as Newman’s Own Foundation. I always start to wonder why more companies don’t do this but then I always remember that money is the foundation for our world and greed plays a very large part in that. We can’t rely on our current state to help us get to where we need to be, climate change wise. We need to start thinking about how to change the future, in both small and large ways. This is the only way to start alleviating the burden that our world is carrying on their back, starting with small problems and moving to larger problems. 

            I have just now started to realize how much different companies try to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Such as Patagonia, they have started using mainly recycled materials and they have started pushing reducing, reusing, and recycling into their customers minds. Many of their clothing pieces are made from recycled paper, bottles, and other materials. They are becoming very innovative in their way of recycling materials and creating new products. 

            It is always hard to pick one problem to attempt to address and try to come up with some sort of help to alleviate the problem, because you tend to start with one problem and come up with so many more as you start to think about a way to help and alleviate the problem. But one problem that I would like to try to help with would be the problem of the abuse of political power. I know that’s a very large problem that isn’t easy to help alleviate but, in some cases, I’d like to think that the Separation of Powers doctrine would help alleviate this problem but the problem in my opinion stems from the lack of ability to implement important rules or justifications from the people themselves. We put a lot of trust into our “elected” officials that we trust to speak for us. We need some sort of communication method from the people to the government, not in the way of letters, emails, or some sort of protest or petition but something more direct. 

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