Reducing Wicked Problems

This week I read the ‘no’ market reading. It discussed federal regulations being put in place to protect the environment by having “green standards”. I agree that there should be more regulations for green building. Everyone should do their part to make more sustainable choices, but not all people are going to make that decision on their own.

On the Wicked Problems website I learned the difference between an entrepreneur and a social entrepreneur. Both are when a person starts a company, assuming the risks and benefitting from the rewards. But a social entrepreneur works with humanitarian problems. One company that is a social entrepreneurship I admire is Tom’s. They have given shoes, sight, and clean water to people in need with our purchases.

One problem I would love to learn more about and find ways to help reduce is ocean pollution. I have always loved the ocean and sea turtles, so it makes me so sad to see stories of how ocean pollution has harmed the sea turtles and other marine life.

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