Save a Tree, Reuse a Straw

I have been able to stop and reflect about my own life and how the things that I do really effects the future of the world due to this class. During this weeks reading about the market place we discussed whether or not the market economy is better than the government at transitioning to sustainability. My group discussed the “Yes” portion of the article and we all decided that we were able to agree with Paul Krugman. I didn’t see much substantial evidence from the “No” side of the argument. This week we also looked at the Wicked Problems website, it describes the way that social entrepreneurs can approach wicked problems in 2 different ways: more hands on action or working to implement or support policies.

Social entrepreneurship is a different approach to helping the globe, instead of receiving money they do it in order to help social or economic problems. A company that stuck out to me was Patagonia. The are a top name brand that everyone wants but all their clothing is recycled, their swimsuits are all made from recycled rubber and plastic. They have also made lots of ads encouraging people to only buy what they need rather than just what they want to discourage over production. They are also very open about their political stance on things happening in the world and they often protect the earth at all costs. I was really interested when I saw a brand that is extremely popular is still focused on doing the right thing for the earth rather than doing the cheap and easy thing that in the end hurts the earth more just to make a couple more dollars.

The wicked problem that I hope to help get involved with is ending deforestation. Millions of trees are being taken down day by day and replaced with commercialized buildings, homes, stores etc. A lot of times the land is bought and flattened out with the potential of making money. There is an overproduction of buildings being built in hopes that someone will eventually be interested in buying it and fixing it up but some remain vacant. With all the loss of trees they aren’t being replaced by new trees and that is hurting our climate. Without trees the toxic gasses all compile together and the greenhouse effect will continue to get worse. Also in these areas pollution is at an all time high. People are flying through plastic, rubber, paper etc. without even thinking about the long term effects of where they are ending up.

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