So What Now?

Once again, we start off with TED Talk have become my favorite part of this class. The guest speaker was Leyla Acroglu Who talked about all the complex systems and the innovative ways to solve the problems we have. She states lifecycle system and biodegradability is. Acroglu mentions that when something is natural ends up in the environment, it ends up in landfill with degrades differently because of anaerobic. Also, should provide an example of her argument and talked about the vegetable drawer has a long affects on how long it takes the lettuce to rotten. Overall, the reasoning that she talked about was how food waste has become a big problem in our world. More than half of the food is wasted, and she blames the refrigerators.

Also, we read an article and took notes on rather or not the market economy is better than the government being sustainability. I was assigned to read “Yes” and I do agree. The author, Paul Krugman provided a lot of detail to support his stand, and in my experience I have noticed myself realizing his argument is correct. I would like to I would like to read “NO” as well so I can compare.

Social entrepreneurship is not approach to try to earn a profit, but finding solutions to improve society and make a difference. TOMS is one of the most well known because they give and resources to someone in need. For every pair of shoes a customer buy, another pair goes to children in need.

The remaining problem is that I‘m trying to focus on textile and apparel waste in fast fashion. I’m not completely sure on how to solve this problem, but I am very creative and open-minded to seek any possibilities. Next semester my goal is adding sustainability as my minor because I really think I can do something with that minor.

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