tackling problems through the bigger picture

This class has taught and educated me so much on the very real problems occurring in our planet and how important sustainability really is. In class we read an article regarding the market versus government regulation. This article was very eye opening due to the fact I wasn’t very informed on the government side and regulation being done. I do however have to say I agree with all the author Paul Krugman said for the most part. Some take always I had from the articles was the fact, and the one way I thought of could help is instead of completely starting new, why don’t we revisit and revise what in the past hasn’t worked, other than that I thought the article was great and very informative. I think we’re in a very interesting time in history, personally after these past few weeks, newfound hope has been placed in my generation at least through my eyes. I think if we start piece by piece, layer by layer, we- meaning this generation, can help make a change and help work towards solving the wicked problems of the world. I think even by taking small steps as saving energy, recycling, reducing the plastic or waste in general we can work towards sustainable living as a whole and by learning what dyes are toxic or what textiles are eco-friendlier can help at least keep our industry more sustainable. I’ve loved being able to read and see my classmates’ views and opinions that may agree or may vary from mine, I’ve always loved blogging so being able to use this site as an outlet during our class as well as our sustainability journey. I’m super sad this class is coming to an end, but I am so grateful for the surprisingly newfound love for being as sustainable that I’ve found, I’ve even gotten my roommates to start recycling with me, since visiting the recycling center. Anyway, moving on, one company that uses social entrepreneurship is TOMS which is a company I absolutely adore, I couldn’t say enough good things about them, I try to support them as much as I can. I’ve been a supporter of toms since I was in middle school and I dream of one day being able to do something as amazing as they do; when you buy a pair of toms, they donate one to a kid in need, as well as helping provide sight, water, safe birth, and bulling prevention to those in need. In the future I want to aim to eventually having my own company selling eco-friendly clothing to helping those in need, more specifically I’d like to donate the money from the profits to help kids and teens who can’t afford therapy or medications for mental illnesses and diabetes. 

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