I would like to share with everyone a company called 4ocean. This company is trying to end the ocean plastic crisis. They collect plastic from the ocean and dispose of it properly and also recycle it into bracelets, which you can buy for $20. The purchasing of the bracelets helps fund their cause and accounts for 1 pound of trash. Every month they have a new theme for their bracelets which come with a backstory. For example they have, polar bear, sea horse, and coral reef bracelets. Each bracelet is paired with information about each topic and how we are harming it and why it’s important to protect them. There is a live count on their website of how much trash they have recovered from the ocean. Since 2017 when they first started, they have collected over 6.6 millions pounds of trash. This company was started by two upper 20 year old  surfers on trip to Bali, where they noticed the fisherman having to push their boat through trash. Their story is inspiring because they were just two normal guys who had a passion for something, saw a problem, and went for it. You can check them out at

The wicked problems website also provided inspiration. One thing that stood out was the idea of trying to solve a problem from a design approach instead of a scientific approach. The author used obesity as an example. He said the scientific approach would try to make the solution an algorithm, eat this amount, exercise this amount etc. Whereas a design approach would also look at the cultural and social aspect of the problem, such as poverty, access to fresh food, norms, etc and try to find a design solution to intervene. Both approaches are needed to achieve the best results, but I thought the design approach is an interesting way to look at a problem that you normally wouldn’t. Alex Pappas excerpt was interesting as well because although he loved his career he felt like it was defining him too much. People do this often. When we introduce ourselves to someone we say “Hi my name is so and so and I’m a ____.” It makes sense to do this, our career is important to us and something we do everyday. It’s awesome to love you career but I have to agree with ALex that you should strive to do other things you want to be known for as well, or just try to enjoy your life as much as possible outside of work. With his career, he didn’t think he was making a difference in the world. I think that, with interior design, I will have the chance to make a difference with my career and that’s exactly what I plan to do. 

My group had the yes reading for the market/sustainability reading. We thought it was a good idea that companies would have a cap of how much waste they could, and after they went over they had to pay extra fees. It’s ideas like this one that may make companies pay more attention to their waste because they will be losing their own money.  Often companies and other people focus on what is going to benefit them now, and not on what may happen in the future. The current state- future scenarios analysis is important because we need to look at the bigger picture. It’s important to think like this that way we can set a goal, and work to achieve that goal. 

I would like to get involved somehow with wildlife and land conservation. I feel so bad everytime I see or hear something about animals going extinct, getting hurt, or losing their homes because of our carelessness. Nature is precious and it is what makes our world so beautiful, it’s important that we protect it. There has been a huge decline in the wildlife population over the years, especially recently. Before deciding on interior design I was really considering becoming a wildlife rehabilitator/conservationist. In the future, I hope to be a voice for the animals who can not speak up for themselves. I would absolutely love to volunteer a wildlife rehab center somewhere. It would be really cool if I could somehow design these facilities after I’m in my field.

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