Interior Design Is The New Sustainability

I learned through the market reading that when is comes to sustainability, the market is doing better at implementing sustainability than our government as a whole. The government is refusing to pay attention to this giant problem which is only becoming worse as every moment passes. As interior designers, part of our practice includes trying to preserve nature while not exploiting people. Although as of now the government is not helping the environment, the people who live within the government are attempting to make changes; even if it is one piece of reclaimed furniture at a time. Even if the government were to implement many different laws to aide in sustainability, it most likely would not go well due to the fact people do not fully believe sustainability and or climate change is even a thing. One of my biggest takeaways from this reading is the fact that it is up to us to get the ball rolling because the government has refused to do so thus far, and will continue to do the same. 

I understand what sustainability truly is due to the website which we as a class searched through. We also learned that every wicked problem stemmed from a different wicked problem, hence why wicked problems become so impossible to solve.

I will be addressing waste as a whole and directly relate that to my major, interior design. Like I explained, every reclaimed piece of furniture is going to make a difference, and the more people who make this leap into sustainability the more sustainable interior design will be as a whole, which ultimately would aid the health of our planet. Through just changing the amount of furniture that is purchased from across seas from companies who pay employees below minimum wage, sustainability will fall into the laps of those who try.

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