It’s Not All About You!

With what we have been learning about and reading so far, sometimes you may think to yourself, how do we know all these solutions we could do for the earth, but there is no big action plan to pursue these solutions? Obviously we know that with the wicked problems in the world thus far, they are thought to be irreversible, but environmental activists and just people all over the world have thought of ways to break the normal of only thinking our world is dying and have though of strategies to help alleviate the brokenness of our home. What is holding us back from the immense change the human race could do is the government and the power they have over everyone, not just the United States, but political hierarchies all over the world. Through the reading my greatest take away was the fact that our government really does have so much control over what we can and cannot do, in the grand scheme of things, ordinary people like you and I can only do so much to help our earth and prevent even more wicked problems or helping decrease the rate of the current wicked problems we already have from growing. I feel as though the government doesn’t really realize that saving our earth is probably the biggest issue of all, the government has been caught in only doing traditional methods of problem solving rather than expanding out, what needs to happen and this was stated in the reading is there needs to be laws for sustainability and if the laws are made, the government needs to justify why, to bring knowledge to the everyday person that climate change, deforestation, pollution, and many more problems aren’t small anymore, they’re huge and although it doesn’t seem like it to a naked eye, all these problems are affecting everyone every single day.

                  The website was very interesting to me, although as I stated before, average humans can only do so much it is still helpful to our communities to try and help and come up with different innovations and events to help wicked problems be more aware of and to help reduce the stress of them. The website had many useful ideas and ways to get the community involved, as well as having information on companies who have donated some of their profits to charity to help save our planet, which I believe should be done by many companies who make vast profits each day, even if its just the slightest of charity, helping a little from big corporations and big media is what the world needs, we need everyone. 

                  Although things aren’t looking great, I still continue to have hope for our home, it’s hard for me to come to terms that each day these problems are getting increasingly worse, although in the back of my mind I really do know that is how it is. Some things that give me hope and keep me wanting to keep moving forward is how sustainable OSU is and actually appreciating how much we do for our community and our earth without even realizing it by recycling each day and using almost 80% of our energy from wind and also companies like H&M who sell garments made from at least 50% of sustainable, reusable materials. It’s amazing to me that although H&M is fast fashion, it’s fast fashion in the best type of way, although their garments are trendy and cheap, they do so many things to help the environment which a lot of people don’t realize. Something I found out this past summer is that you can actually bring unwanted clothing/accessories to H&M and they will collect all the donations and use the textiles to create new garments and new items to sell in the store!

                  My problem ties in with this, with the fact that I want to focus my time and energy on finding solutions to help countries all over the world be more sustainable and along with that, donating some of those clothes to third world countries who need clothing. I think the main issue is that people are so self absorbed nowadays that they don’t realize we have so much that we throw away each day and that just creates landfills that destroy our home and causes pollution to the air that we breathe in. My solution to this is to create a system kind of like the one-for-one model TOM’s does, but for clothing and along with that, have bins and pop up shops where people can bring old clothing and we will reuse all the textiles for new objects in the world, not just clothes, the fabrics could also be repurposed for dog toys, cleaning supplies like rags, towlettes to clean your glasses, and many more things! Just to alleviate fabric waste and save our home!

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