This week I read the “NO” article on government regulations towards environmental products on the market. The article discussed regulations the government has placed to become more environmentally friendly. Such as reducing plastic straws, reducing carbon dioxide, and other regulations. From the website, I learned a great deal of information. We humans can have a great impact on the world around us and it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to do that. A small lifestyle change can drastically shape a better future for our planet. But when it comes to a wicked problem that isn’t necessarily the case. Wicked problems can’t be fixed or they might not be able to easily be fixed. Even with regulations from the government, our world is not being taken care of.

Our future is not looking the brightest when it comes to sustainability and the longevity of our planet. Even with all of the social and environmental movements there are still people that speculate the accuracy of the science and proof behind our deteriorating world. This can be seen by the leader of our country trying to disprove all of the efforts Greta Thunberg has done. Also, in places like California, they have made efforts to help with the sustainability of our world by banning plastic straws, and other plastic materials. But even with those bans, they are not being sustainable in other ways. My brother just recently moved back from L.A and he said that you hear a lot about what California is trying to do as a whole state on sustainability but in the long run they aren’t doing a lot to help the environment. It is going to take everyone to jump on board with sustainability for there to be an actual change that will help in the long run. But with people like not believing that this is an actual issue the future does not seem bright or that there even is a future at all. 

A company that I am obsessed with is “BaYou with Love”. It is a jewelry company that takes the old metal and gold from Dell products and repurposes the gold into amazing jewelry. Honestly, the only reason I found out about this company was because of who the creator of the company is. She is an actress and is married to Ian Somerhalder, an actor from “The Vampire Diaries” (a show that I used to binge-watch and be obsessed with in high school). If it weren’t for them posting about it on social media I probably never would have found out about this company. Their motto is; “We all should be thinking “circular” in our approach to design. One industry’s “trash” can be another’s treasure, and with Dell, we’re proving that. Do your part and recycle your electronics responsibly.” With more companies like these emerging into the design world it is causing the sustainable design to become more popular and people are becoming aware of their shopping habits and what their money goes into.

The problem I am trying to solve is how much cardboard is used in the interior design industry. Whether it be boxes from online shopping, buying items and furniture from other stores, or getting items shipped to their company. Designers use so much cardboard but not in a sustainable day. The cardboard is only used as a means of shipping and a protectant. Rather, we can turn the cardboard into something the designers can use for their client’s designs. Cardboard is a sturdy material and it could be repurposed into many things. I can only imagine how much cardboard waste we can reduce if we think about sustainability.

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