Self-Interests: the Downfall of the American Dream

In regards to learning about collapse I contributed the points that we should ask for help when trying to make our community survive when we’re running out of basic necessities, that even though we have the internet and more technological advances, just because we have the internet and technology doesn’t mean that we have power. In conjunction with the collapse of Easter Island, we’re still arguing on how to use our resources, and still going to war with people who have control over these resources. We can start movements and get a community together to agree on arising issues, but those in power have the dominance globally to end or deter these hopeful thoughts in our community, if they so choose. Social psychology is an example. I believe the reason we haven’t had a significant change is that there hasn’t been someone in power to lead us towards these issues be like-minded globally. For every community that starts a movement, there is still someone else who is more in power and has a bigger following around the world who doesn’t care for these issues.

There are many different aspects contributing to collapse. Over-population is one that I touched on and really reflected on during class and outside of class. I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to adopt, but I never know how much it could affect the population if we all adopted. Instead of reproducing, it would be beneficial to the human race to love and care for a child who has already been created. I hope this can happen because it would have a significant impact on the overpopulation issue, but I’m afraid of mankind and their wants to have a child that might look like them, maybe out of sheer, natural curiosity of what that child may look like. I’ve heard too often that someone is afraid they can’t love a child as much as their own, but how could you not? Humans buy pets and can love them unconditionally, but humans offer so much more joy and satisfaction if you’re able to meet their needs. There’s a much more broad range of emotional connections that you can ultimately achieve. Anyone and everyone is capable of loving, and fear should not bind.

My major takeaway from learning about collapse in our community is that history truly repeats itself. Even though we go out of our way to try to make things better for the future, we end up messing up some other place. An example is GMOs, we thought we created a solution, but in the end, we ended up with a wide variety of diseases linked to this new discovery that we thought could fix everything. I’m hopeful that we can make a change and prolong our life on earth as we know it. We ultimately have some power to choose who we want to be our president, the deciding factor is whether or not we can push our greed to the side in order to save the human race.  

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