I turn it in before deadline

It often antagonizes me to write more than 200 words, and that is because, well for one I am lazy but the second one is that I don’t consider myself a good writer. Nonetheless, I will mention what I contribute to the learning community in regards of last week’s topic: The collapse of the natural environment and of the people who reside on the island. Our debate on the eastern islander’s ability to take back the damage done on the island’s ecosystem initiated my reasoning to claim that, for one, the islanders were in fact too late for a remedy to take place, and two, in today’s time our environment is suffering and soon we will face the same fate that the islanders were subjected to.

I provided 2 theories that backup my idea:

The first one is that of culture, being from Polynesian descendants, the islanders, revolved their religion around ceremonial activities or rituals. Thus, no matter the obvious damages to the environment done by such careless acts of deforestation were never meant to come to a stopping point. As it was the case, it kept on going until the very end, to the point of no return and to the point of total deforestation. In conclusion, it is a cultural problem of consumerism, this idea that we are separated from nature, and that nature is just property.

 The second reason is that of ignorance, or not enough awareness. The islanders were not tailoring their solutions to current, new developed problems. You see, the only answer they had was that of former clans; using trunks of wood to transport the heavy stones. However, as time goes on different problems arise, like that of scarcity in resources, but the islanders continued with old habits instead of rethinking their approach and redesigning it to solve the new arise problems. Thus, new generations need forward thinking leaders that understand the current problems and are not dwelling on ideas of what has been done before, but instead, understand their current circumstances and provide a solution that fits within their current restrictions and current society needs. In conclusion, the islander’s problem resulted from the lack of awareness of their own impact to their environment.

I think it is better to write the things down that you want to accomplish, because it sparks accountability. Since I am already writing a journal, I will mention the lesson I learned with the eastern islanders and how I will practice the solutions to my way of thinking from this point forward. I have concluded that I need to be mindful of the environment, have enough awareness of what is happening to our world, and break the culture of consumerism. Action can start taking place in grocery shopping, breaking the illusionist need of using plastic bags every time one goes to the grocery store. I will be using reusable bags and explore ways to created something from those bags I already own, so that they don’t become a waste. Secondly, I will no longer buy brand new clothes. Believe me it is painful to even write this. But I need to try it for the rest of the semester. It has become my challenge.

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