Speak Up

In all honesty I have never been one to be that interested in the environment and how I was contributing to its downfall. I am the person that always needed more, wanted the new and popular items, and never paid attention to how all of these things add up to impact our living conditions. Reading about Easter Island and learning how they took so much from nature in order to hold up this image, whether it be cultural or just for show, made me realize how no one paid any attention. In today’s society, no one does anything to better the Earth as long as we are getting what they want. We want everything handed to us and never want to get our hands dirty. Why are we like this? Because we can get away with it and we have others around us that do not allow for more knowledge on the subject. I never realized how bad things were getting until I found out for myself. It is rarely a topic that many want to touch on, but it needs to be. We are destroying the one thing that keeps us alive.

            The only thing that I could really think to compare the struggles to was religion. Growing my faith in a Christian church, we are told to spread the word of Jesus and show others how He loves. But it never seems like much of that happens because we are scared of the response or how others will portray us. The same thing occurs with these major societal affairs because everyone wants to brush it under the rug and pretend like it will get better with time, only there is no strides made to do so. On Easter Island many settlements were made, each seeing the damage done to the land, but no one spoke up to try and make a difference. Maybe they thought their opinions did not matter, or that they would not be heard, but people need to speak up. 

            Before I moved to Stillwater, I had never recycled in my life. I never thought about conserving energy or finding alternatives for particular materials. My roommate is huge on recycling, never uses plastic straws, and reuses everything. Without her influence and her speaking up on the disastrous effects of how we live, I would have never caught on and started working on helping the Earth myself. Recycling is such a huge key in aiding our planet. Keeping plastics out of oceans and landfills is a big step towards success, as well as recycling paper which keeps trees from being cut down. With all of that being said, one of the absolute best things you can do is speak up and help others follow the right steps in order to keep our species alive and relieve the stress from our exhausted Earth. Humans are truly not capable in providing what our beautiful planet can. We have to turn ourselves around and not allow for ruin like the Easter Island settlers dealt with because of their misuse and greediness of resources.

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