We Caused the Collapse

During the first week of class, the discussion was around the basis of collapse around the world. This topic is always terrifying to think about because it feels as if I am in a world that I cannot help, but can only watch the panic as everything gets worse.

We discussed the movie The 11th Hour, which creates a couple of big picture ideas for why the earth is on the verge of collapse. The movie itself was made too long ago for each of the issues to be still relevant in todays society, however, they are bigger than back then, and only growing. It is difficult to hear that the age of industrialization is one of the major cause for our home’s collapse. As far as the way of inventing and discovering ways to improve our society in the ways of technology, we have exceeded those ideas, but with those ideas has created an immense amount of waste, pollution, and destruction. As a child that has had the privilege to grow up with seeing all of these beautiful things occur, I also had to see the world slowly change into what is becoming a tree-less, disaster stricken planet.

Pollution can be a cause of industrialization, but they are also problems all on themselves, too.  With the result of fast fashion being the effects of major amounts of waste, an extreme amount of factory pollution, and even just the chemical pollution of the types of dyes we use is a separate problem all on its own. I would love to say that I am not guilty of any of these issues, yet I have been accustomed to shop for new trends as most everyone in the U.S. Of course,  have learned to majorly cut back, and mainly use second hand, its is still a giant burden on the world, and it can be scary to even think that the worlds collapse can be due to those really cute jeans in the window store.

Deforestation also plays a role in our collapse. As companies continue to use our nature to build homes for our huge population and back the resources we use with those trees, we lose natural habitats that we may no longer get back. The use of our trees, like other resources, will soon end as we excessively use them and this will further drive the world to its sandy barren planet that we will no longer know.

With all of the issues, I fall back to one specific feeling that drives it all: Greed. We are so caught up with the idea of wanting things that everyone else does that it drives everything we do in the world. Big industries plow over trees to build more homes to gain more money which then turns into possessions and bigger bragging rights. Everyone is too obsessed with being of a higher status than they already are that they don’t have the time to step back and see if it is getting them anywhere. If Everyone could simply understand that gaining money and possessions does not qualify as happiness, and the faster we realize and imitate this idea, the faster our home can be saved.

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