Wicked Problems in Our World

During this week’s class session I learned a lot about what is going on in our environment, we were taught about what a wicked problem is and given some examples like deforestation, overpopulation, etc. A wicked problem is something that has no solution, some characteristics of wicked problems are: no endpoint, urgent, irreversible, etc. The movie, The 11th Hour, really opened my eyes to things I didn’t think were going on in our world today. The movie taught me why our trees are so important to the environment and how without them we will have nothing to take CO2 out of the air causing us not to have clean air, and continuing to heat up the ocean. Climate change is the biggest thing we have started and this has caused flooding, tornadoes, fires, and droughts. Global warming is the reason for the arctic melting, and the oceans warming up. It taught me more about the damages of oil industry and the big businesses that are operating them and how they have more power than they should. Asthma has grown more prominent in kids nowadays, because of the fossil fuels. The movie also touched on how many of the species we have in today’s world are going extinct and won’t be around in a couple of years if we continue to keep harming them and our environment.  We read about Easter Island, how the island was discovered, and the rise and fall of the civilization that lived there many years ago, and in some ways we are like them because we are using all our resources up and eventually we are going to run out. Although they had a much smaller population and the size of the island is much smaller than the whole planet, it just goes to show that if we don’t start to make major changes in the way we live our lives and the way we treat the planet then we are going to create a problem that even the most advanced technology can’t fix. In class, I contributed in the game ‘Industrial Chairs,’ by talking about how some people don’t have enough resources to go green and contribute to helping the environment. I liked this exercise a lot because it gave us the opportunity to see other people’s viewpoints and share ours as well and argue our case in a respectful manner. Before this class, I had no idea what a wicked problem was or the sort of problems we have created that are really harming the planet. I am excited to see what the next three weeks are going to teach me and hopefully learn more about what I can do to help save this planet and maybe I can apply some of these things to my life and contribute to helping the earth become a more sustainable earth. I also hope to learn enough so I can go out and teach my friends, family, and strangers about what is going on in the world and help them want to make a change as well.

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