World Crisis

We are always hearing about how the world is gonna end. There are a few main types of ways people try and explain it. Some examples people tell you are christains will most likely tell you about revelation, and another one is climate change. In the first two classes of wicked problems we read, watch, and discuss the various different ways that humans are destroying the world. 

On the first day we watched a movie called the 11th hour. It was made in 2007, but the problems they address in it are still relevant or even bigger of a problem today. Before we divided into the movie we discussed some of the problems we thought were wicked problems. As a class we thought of fast fashion, the meat industry and their wasteful ways, the oil business, deforestation, and more. As we started watching the movie, I tried to notice all those keys points we talked about before hand. The movie went more into depth of what we are doing wrong, how its so hard to be sustainable in the world we live in, some of the major things that are happening to human and the world, and how all these different things are leading to climate change. 

In the movie they emphasized on a few points. The thing that started to show that were are in a crisis are people are getting sick more often, more people are disabled, natural disasters are happening more frequently and are more damaging, the icebergs are melting, the average temperature is rising. What is making it dysfunctional to be sustainable in today’s society are our habits or always wanting more, separating ourselves from nature, and the growing population. Humans are using up all of Earth’s resources. People are also using and producing a lot of greenhouse gasses. Which can get trapped in the ozone and those gases can trap and hold more heat. This is what is warming up the earth and melting the ice bergs. We need to change our ways in order to save the earth.

On Thursday we had a discussion in class about Easter Island. Their economy and way of life crash because they were using to many of their resources. They had to many people on the island for how much area they had. One of the topics in class we talked about was if their situation was similar to us or not. I did not think it was. We have the internet, the size is very different (it is not just the island, it’s the world), and they could have gone back to their main land. There may be some similarities, but it was very different at the same time.

All these different things has opened up my eyes and showed me that we need to change our ways. The world is a gift and we can not just let it die. The first two classes have made me very excited for what is to come. I hope we can fine ways int bettering our lifes to save the earth. 

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