I’m Sure it’s Capitalism’s Fault

Being in our YES and NO groups was an interesting way to discuss two different viewpoints on paradigm shifts. Relying on the other team to inform us of the standpoint of the opposing side was fun. Again, it allowed for a class setting that was based on communication with peers and the professor. I’ll admit to my laziness and be upfront when I say I liked that we were able to receive information on two sides while only being required to read one side. I thought both teams did well in explaining the standpoint they were assigned, with a little coaxing from Dr. Armstrong. I think once we wake up a little and we can grab a hold of a few breadcrumbs, everyone’s ideas really come out and that’s when our class discussion really gets deep and everyone seems passionate about their ideas. Also, being able to be involved in a discussion that is completely new to me made me feel like I was genuinely learning new things. I liked that I didn’t know much about paradigm shifts, (I wasn’t even sure of what they were until reading the article). It made me feel like my ideas on it weren’t rehearsed and feeling as though I contributed ideas to the group that were new even to me is something I enjoy. There’s something about the uncomfortable-ness of being in situations that I don’t have any predetermined answers to that makes me feel like I’m growing (as cliché as that sounds).  

No matter how the discussions are framed in the class, the common consensus is that sustainability has only negative connotation. Simply discussing our thoughts on paradigm shifts were overwhelmingly negative. I feel that we’re all approaching these topics very realistically and it’s sad to think that the realistic viewpoint of our world pushing towards a sustainable paradigm shift, in good faith, seems almost impossible to us. That being said, my major takeaway is that sustainability issues are a lot more wicked than I truly thought. It doesn’t help that I have no faith in our current government to actually come up with viable solutions, or even listen to people who do have solutions. We’re all too capitalistic. Because of how engrained capitalism is in our minds, it will seemingly take forever to change our thoughts on this. By the time we do change, it’ll be way too late to save anything.  

Switching gears to a more palatable mood, I really enjoyed the mindfulness sessions we had Tuesday and Thursday. I agree with the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, I’ve just never carved out time for it unless yoga or pilates was attached to it. At the end of the sessions I open my eyes and feel as calm as when I wake up each morning. Shutting my mind off for those few minutes helps to bring my stress down and makes me feel happier. I like that we do it during class because I’m not sure I would do it otherwise, even though it makes me feel so much better.   

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