Being Mindful

During class last week we learned about mindfulness, what it was about and then we practiced it. I liked this exercise a lot because it gave me a few minutes to collect myself and not think much about anything going on outside of that moment. It was really peaceful and gave me a chance to relax and focus on the present, which is not something I normally do, I usually focus on everything I have due in the future. My big takeaways from class last week was of course mindfulness, which is paying attention to the present without judgement. During the class exercise we were told to welcome our thoughts but try and gently push them away so that we could focus on the present. I also learned that because mindfulness has you living in the present, it makes you a happier person, and that those who are daydreamers and only think about the future tend to be not as happy as those who live in the now. Mindfulness also improves your well-being and gives you a sense of clarity. I also learned more about globalization in the article I we were assigned to read, I was assigned the yes article, globalization is removing boundaries so that people, goods, services, etc. can go from place to place as they wish. The author argued that globalization is good for the environment because as income increases, pollution decreases. As economies grow and become more developed then they will be able to be more environmentally friendly and actually have resources that help the environment in a positive way. The article also talked about free and open markets, property rights, and the rule of law all being ways that can help improve the environment. I contributed in class this week by talking about how the author of my article thinks globalization is a good idea and that he believes as people become more wealthy they tend to become less materialistic. I also spoke about how my author would feel about the fashion industry and fashion brands trying to become more sustainable, but still causing pollution. Since learning about mindfulness and how to do it, I have been trying to find a time every day that I can dedicate to mindfulness practice. I have noticed that it calms me down and allows me to refocus and recharge my mind when I become stressed out about school work or just things happening in everyday life. I find myself trying to be more present and not have a wandering mind because I think it is important to live everyday in the present because if we always think about the future we will wake up one day and realize that we never enjoyed the moments we had in the past because we were too busy worrying or thinking about what was going to happen in the future. This class has really changed how I am living my life, I am trying to be more sustainable and more mindful, I also am striving to teach others around me about what I am learning in class so the word can spread.

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