Meditate Your Problems Away

In preparation for class on Tuesday, we were asked to look up what mindfulness was, and write down three points we found interesting or that surprised us as well as read our assigned reading. Before going to the internet to search for mindfulness, based on my prior knowledge I referred to mindfulness as having a sense of awareness, an open mind, and a small form of relaxation. It wasn’t until that night when I searched mindfulness that I had a better understanding of what it was. The three points I found interesting included how by practicing some form of meditation everyday can benefit your overall happiness, it is practiced in different ways, and can improve your sleep. And trust me as a full time college sleep is very important yet sometimes we forget to actually sleep, so when I heard that this can improve your sleep it immediately increased my attention. Upon arriving to class we all sat down in our usual beanbag chairs and discussed our three points, something I shared with the class was how I found it interesting that meditation can increase both our happiness and health. We then slowly veered into the reading where we were divided into two groups, one group read the “yes” argument, which was the argument I was assigned to read, and the other half read the “no” argument related to if globalization was positive or negative. Each side took turns discussing with the class what some of the main arguments in their reading were and the author’s point of view. I contributed to the class by explaining that yes we view globalization as “bad” but by continuing to produce more it is a way of helping third world countries through a form of trade.

After we finished discussing and giving our opinions on the matter, I was able to one better understand the reading and both perspectives related to globalization as well as take away some major key points. This included that I personally feel that whether you view globalization as a positive or negative effect, the point of the matter is that as humans we have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. This includes us always wanting more and never being satisfied with what we already have. As a result this has led to a demand in production which later just ends up in landfills because by then we have moved onto the next big thing. Due to the fact that we are always demanding more we forgot to be mindful and recognize that it is important to take a break from the material world and focus on ourselves.

Today as a college student I sometimes feel as if I am moving a hundred miles per hour in order to get everything done and turned in on time, that I forget it is ok to occasionally hit the brakes and stop to take a breath and do some form of meditation as a form of relaxation. This week in class, yes you guessed it, the topic was over meditation, paradigms, as well as sustainability. As humans by nature we are constantly do something that we forget that meditation is actually a thing and that it can actually help benefit our overall health. This week set aside some time to meditate and chose to lie down on my floor in the dark and listen to a meditation followed by a moment of silence to relax and become more in tune with my surroundings. So the question I ask you know is, what will you do to meditate this week?

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