Meditate Your Stress Away

Life can get extremely hectic when you are worrying about college, the deteriorating state of the planet, money, and a social life. Sometimes it is hard to find ways, or even time to relax or unwind. Some college students find parties as a gateway to forget about responsibilities and have a good time, while others resort to less noisy solutions. Meditation is a fantastic stress reliever to reflect on all your troubling thoughts and make peace with them.

Last week’s topic was meditation, paradigms, and sustainability. To this topic I was able to contribute in a number of ways. Before our first class of the week, we were instructed to conduct an internet search about mindfulness and bring three points that I found interesting to class for discussion. I was able to share and discuss my points with my neighbor and, then to our instructor as well. Another contribution made was working with a partner to read an article over mindfulness and then sharing what we had read about with our peers. The reading my partner and I were assigned discussed the research that had been conducted over mindfulness. On the second class of last week, we had come to class with newfound knowledge regarding articles we were assigned to read; one by an author who has a ‘yes’ opinion pertaining to sustainability, and the other who’s opinion was ‘no’. In class we sat on separate sides of the classroom depending on which article we read. We discussed with our neighbors things that confused us from the article and things that we found interesting. A common answer for what caused a confusion was Kuznets curve. We then switched partners and focused on global brands that are making it a trend to help the less fortunate and what our author’s views on these situations would be. Last week seemed to be very more discussion involved, there were a lot of discussions last week about the topics we had.

My major takeaways from last week were mainly from what I learned about mindfulness. I’ve always heard about meditation and usually pictured a person sitting with there legs crossed, their arms on their knees, their pointer finger and thumb touching while their pinky, ring finger, and middle finger point outwards, and humming. But meditation can simply be sitting in a quiet area for a period of time while focusing and relaxing. I learned that mindfulness is accepting your feelings and thoughts. The in class practices of mindfulness were very cool and eye-opening (not literally though, because I like to close my eyes while meditating). Last week was a difficult week for me in terms of my personal life, so the few minutes we took out of our time in class to meditate were very helpful with easing my mind and thoughts. I learned last week that it is always a good idea, and very much needed, to take time for yourself and process what is going on in your life and accept it and make peace with it.

My mindfulness practice for the week involved me sitting in my dorm alone on my bed for about five minutes without any music or tv shows playing in the background, just concentrating on my thoughts. I thought about the events that had occurred throughout the week, things that I had seen, and things people had said to me. I thought about each thought, and then let it go. Mindfulness is definitely something I will practice more often throughout my life.


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