Thinking Things Through.

Mindfulness is something I always used to practice, but somehow forgot about over time. Maybe it was the constant busyness, when I probably needed it the most. Forgetting about everything that’s going on in my life, and just being ground with myself really helped me this week. I felt like I had a clear mind, a refreshed way of looking at the world, and it was somehow easier for me to wake up successfully in the morning without having to hit the snooze button a million times.

During the week I contributed my knowledge of the reading that the “NO” team did. The author made a statement about how if vegetables and healthy food were cheaper than fast food, than we would opt to that instead of junk food. I expressed that that related to the fashion industry as well. If sustainable clothing was cheaper than fast fashion, than it would be easy for us to make the switch and in return, giving the planet the love it needs. Criticizing my own thought, it would then be up to us to recycle the clothing rather than tossing it and some people still wouldn’t think to do that, or really care to. With trends growing faster and faster, fast fashion was born and it was instantly more accessible than anything else we were able to get our hands on. If the clothes still got dumped in a landfill, at least they would biodegrade instead of using polyester taking 20 plus years to decompose.

The more advertisements we have, the more influenced we are to buy something that we don’t need. Through class this week I realized that most of everything we have is not essential to us living and surviving. It’s just all of these things that we think we need. Consumption has tripled over time because of celebrities glorifying consumerism and the advertisements that we encounter about the same thing over and over until we think we need it. Now there’s even celebrity endorsements that will easily convince someone into needing something because their idol has it, so it must make them cool.

I learned that companies are trying to make the switch to being more mindful, whether that be in terms of discrimination or recycling efforts. I’m proud that our world is starting to notice these issues being bigger than we thought they were, but it could still be hard to get different generations to understand. Sitting down and talking with my dad about these things this week has proven to me that there are many people out there who are not willing to change their view on the subject. He told me that people have been saying the world has been coming to an end even when he was my age. Even though some people might have different beliefs, I believe it still should be a base-level agreement that you have to take care of what you have. If everyone would just make little decisions it would help make the world a better place.

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