The Wealthy Are Over Consumers and The Poor Are Causing Environmental Degradation

We know for a fact that everyone on this planet consumes, but do we really stop and thoroughly dwell about at what rate each person consumes? People are either over consumers who crave the newest trends, or under consumers who are years behind on the trends because they cannot afford to keep up. Consumption of resources is only increasing, which is leading to the decrease of the well-being of our world.

Last week’s topic was the industry’s impact on over and under consumers. In regards to last week’s topic I was able to contribute within discussion groups. On Tuesday, we were given a list of products that were supposed to be sustainable and discussed them with our neighbors. Some of the products were cool and seemed like good sustainable products while others sounded foolish or were not sustainable at all. A product that was biodegradable cups and bowls made from cow milk drew my attention and I discussed it with my neighbors. Cow’s milk is a very controversial topic right now because opposing views are debating on whether it is healthy or even right to consume cow’s milk. Personally, I think it is wrong to consume cow’s milk so I drink almond milk, but unfortunately cow’s milk is also used in other dairy products besides milk. I enjoyed being able to understand and speak about something like that- why a product was unsustainable and then backing it up with facts I knew.

We were assigned groups for an activity on Tuesday and our groups include people whose major is closely related to each other. The point of the activity was to discuss what we had found from research and decided together on an occurring topic from each of our research that related. I am terrible at doing research, especially through databases, so I was afraid that my research findings would not relate to my teammates’. Each of our research findings contained some sort of problem involving pollution so that we decided would be our topic would be. There is one girl in my group who appears so knowledgeable, it makes me want to read more books, know “big” words, and speak more. 

On Thursday, at the beginning of class we discussed with our neighbor’s about compelling points and any confusions we had pertaining to the reading we were assigned over poverty. A confusion I shared with my neighbor was over the author saying that poverty was a social relationship. I was confused on what made him think that. To me poverty is not a social relationship, maybe a status of your income, but it is the inability to make enough money to be financially stable.

My major takeaways from last week’s topic were learning about brands that are attempting to produce sustainable products and poverty. Last week I learned about companies like Adidas making sustainable shoes and Ikea making sustainable kitchens. I think it is great that companies and brands are making an attempt to help make the world a better place. If more brands were to produce sustainable products then this world’s deteriorating state could be helped impeccably. We had a reading last week which was titled Is poverty responsible for global environmental degradation?. It had two readings in reply to it, one was “yes” and the other was “no”. I read the “yes” reading. I was not a fan of the “yes” reading, the author somehow found a way to blame people who are in poverty for the degradation of the environment. The author’s explanation for this was that people who live in poverty use more resources and they use those resources in an unsustainable way. My view is that people who are living in poverty are simply trying to survive, therefore they do not have the money to afford sustainable resources or use resources in a sustainable way. 

My mindfulness practice for the week consisted of me replaying conversations I had, actions I had made, and things I had done. I thought about bad news I got from a friend, what a boring night I had on Halloween, and getting to see my boyfriend this weekend. I laid on my bed in silence and just thought. I thought about everything and decided on what I could change and couldn’t change. In the end of my mindfulness practice I breathed in and out for a while and reminded myself how thankful I am for this life and the people in it.

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