A Correlation to ‘The Trolley Problem’

Even though this class starts later than my Monday/Wednesday classes, I feel a lot more sleepy in this class than in those. I find myself not immediately remembering what the articles were over in order to speak up relatively quickly. I’m honestly just glad Dr. Armstrong is so patient, lol. I do feel, however, that once we get past that first thirty minute hump, the entire class feels more energetic and everyone speaks up more and by then my mind has been jogged on what I had read not even fifteen hours earlier, (at this point I’m convinced my memory retention is non-existent.) I like that we discuss topics as a class and the guided questions from Dr. Armstrong are really helpful. I’ve noticed that using this system helps me better remember things, to read the articles and then talk about them. It’s also always interesting to hear what others got out of the readings that maybe I had missed. All around though, I think I contribute a good amount to this class, of course improvement is always an option, but you should’ve seen my public speaking skills in high school, (talk about non-existent.)

I think everyone contributes to environmental damage. The only reason poor communities are “blamed” for it, is because it’s forced upon them. It reminds me of the ‘the trolly problem’ in philosophy. This is the moral question of whether or not you kill one person to save five, or let all five people die because someone will die anyways. Poor communities are essentially being tied up and thrown in front of a moving trolley then expected to figure a way out of the situation themselves with no resources. Switching gears to Walker’s views on fashion, I think that he makes really good points, especially about producing humble products and his statements that producing long-lasting products may not be effective, overall. This is a tricky topic, how do you maintain the booming economy of such a materialistic country while creating products that hardly cause any harm to the environment? This is what I want to do when I grow up, be involved in making the fashion industry something truly sustainable while not compromising it’s beautiful and creative atmosphere.

I really like beginning class with a meditation, it helps me clear my mind from other classes and assignments and allows me to focus on the next hour and a half-ish of our discussions. I do think though, that I like the longer meditation sessions longer. I was really stressed this weekend because I procrastinated on several assignments and I worked the game, so my entire Saturday was gone already. Taking ten minutes out of my day on Sunday really helped me calm down when I was starting to get upset and flustered. I also really liked doing the longer sessions on days when I didn’t feel pressured by work or assignments, it helped me relax even more and I felt as light as a feather afterward.

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