Low Rise Jeans Will Haunt Us

I was skeptical about this whole “meditation” thing, but now having just ten minutes of guided meditation a day has been wonderful, especially during the end of the semester craziness. It’s only a slice of my day, yet it paves a new road after each session. Its allows me to slow down my pace and open a new perspective on the more important topics that should be discussed like the environment and our role in keeping it safe.

During our discussions this week, we were reminded of the major dent our fashion industry has on our environment and also the minds every single person. I, like every other person on earth, love shopping and am extremely guilty of falling into the idea of fast fashion and changing my clothes every full moon. It becomes an easy way of expression and is simply just fun to play around with every new trend that pops up.  With all of the new trends outshining the old, it’s scary just thinking about the amount of clothes taking up real estate in landfills. Halloween has passed, but if we aren’t careful, past trends (specifically the dreaded low rise jeans), can haunt us daily as they fill up our planet and cause us trouble.

In the article, it blames fashion for being so destructive, yet it also creates a gateway for it to become useful in ways that people can bring new innovated ideas and styles that can serve as an open door for change in the fashion industry. While some companies have created small baby steps towards the idea of sustainable fashion, there will always be better and cleaner ideas that can be dreamt up. With all of that said, I am not-so-patiently waiting for these beautiful artists to tap into some fabric magic and create sustainable, clean designs that will significantly impact our world for the better.

Another article during the week gave us an insight on how the poor can be used as a simple excuse in the bigger picture of the blame game. The article suggested that while many high-up companies and officials would like to use the poor as a quick means to end the debate of who is truly responsible for the collapse earth will soon encounter. With this mindset in place for many humans, it allows us to keep our rose colored glasses on instead of facing the truth that each human on earth has a reputation of not treating the environment with the respect it has given us. Bigger companies have a bigger advantage over poor people as they have the money to use towards a more sustainable company yet they rarely change their ways. The idea that we have yet to come to the conclusion that every person has contributed to environmental problems is scary knowing the state our planet is currently at. Sooner rather than later, we need to come to the conclusion that the earth is in everyone’s hands, and that we all need to protect it as one.

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