Procrastination and a Roller Coaster of emotions

Last week was a very stressful one for me. I had a lot going on with school, working 40 hours, and a lot happening with my family. I had to plan everything out so I didn’t fall behind. The meditation practices in and out of class really helped me not to stress out as much and not feel overwhelmed. It made me step back and just be in the moment. I would still push it to the side and wait till the last minute everyday to do it. I am the worst with procrastination. I would do the same with a lot of my work and would stay up pretty late, then only sleep for a little. Which probably did not help with anything. Getting up for class was very difficult for me because of this. I was on time on Tuesday, but Thursday came around and I was 5 minutes late. That made me miss the meditation in class and I had to do one on my own by myself to makeup for it.

The reading for the pre-discussion this week were a little harder than the previous ones we have read. The readings were over fashion in a metaphoric way and if poverty directly or indirectly affects the environment. I was having a little trouble understanding the readings, but still tried to contribute to class. I wouldn’t be the first to talk, but I would wait for someone else to talk first. From what they would say it would clear up any confusion I had. I then would be able to talk a little on the subject with the class. The fashion article was a little easier to read, because to article over poverty had a bunch of words I did not know. You would almost need a dictionary on hand to understand every word in it. I agreed with the no or indirect article over poverty more. I think there are so many factors that go into poverty and the destruction of the earth. There is no pin point problem and that is why they are wicked problems.

The article fashion was something I really enjoyed reading and opened my eyes a lot. It talked about how fashion is ever changing and with how it is currently it is very destructive. We are always wanting the newest thing. Trends only lasting for about 6 months or so and we then throw it out for the new one. Making a bunch of waste doing that, because a big majority of the stuff they are making the trends that are not sustainable. The author puts that we need to design with sustainability more in mind and it will take trial and error to figure out the best way to do it.

The new group infographic project that was introduced this week scared me at first. After meeting up and talking to my group members this week in class made me feel much better about this assignment. I now makes me excited for this upcoming week to work with them and find out more about our subject we choose to work on. 

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