We have to help our earth

This past week in class, I feel that I contributed a lot to class. I have also learned a lot about other people’s thoughts on the topic of problems in fashion. Many people talked about their opinions on poverty and the changing of our fashion industries. My opinions that I contributed were about how poorly treated people that work in fashion are. I contributed my opinions in our team for the project. People that work in fashion are not necessarily always cared about by their employers. They have pains from being forced to stand for hours a day and make clothing, have to work for hours on end, and not to mention they are forced to break laws to work. Not only did I learn about fashion, I had strong opinions in class about the waste that the industry produces in the world in fashion products and items related to interior design and architecture. I also learned a lot about the opinions of people living in poverty and their contributions to society’s pollution. There is so much waste put into the streets of our very own cities by the homeless, because for some people, the streets are their home. However, I don’t think it is completely their fault, considering whatever they do have, mainly comes from people that consumed it before them, being us. People are so clueless about what they are wasting or just don’t care which is so sad. Another big part of class this week was meditation. Meditation was never anything I was very interested in because I didn’t believe in it. After doing meditation in class these past two weeks I have grown to enjoy meditation. Since I have such severe anxiety, if I ever start to feel anxious, I practice the meditation I’ve learned in class and it always helps. My mindfulness activity I chose this week was to meditate while listening to classical music for my intro to music class before I do homework for ten to thirty minutes. It helps me relax and I become less stressed while trying to write papers or studying for a quiz. Although this week I realized how much consumer waste there is put out into the world, it will still be hard to change the ways I live after making habits for so long. I have tried to be more mindful about the waste I put into our trash can and recycling proper items. I used to make fun of the whole “save the sea turtles” movement until taking this class. The conditions animals underwater live in has been shown in this class and it really opened my eyes to the seriousness of the situation. Animals underwater need help and after reading the 10 sustainability products article, i think the edible soda rings is such a great adjustment to be made. There will be less deaths underwater and less pollution on the earth. I learned so many new things this week that I can wait to carry into the future.

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