A New Mindset and A New Way Of Life.

Walking into the last class to sit on the bean bags was bittersweet. I was glad that would not be having to do all the work for the class and did not have to wake up as earl, but I was sad to now I will most likely never see these people again on this big campus. I switch my major for the 5 times, and hope this one sticks. I will not be in human sciences college anymore. I really enjoyed how the class was very interactive and I really got to know everyone in the class. Watching the last little bit of the movie the 11th hour wrapped everything up perfectly.

The group project was probably my favorite part of this class. I am much better in smaller groups and I had got a really good group. I felt like I got to really work on my communication skills as well as my teamwork skills as well. Well all were really easy going and could get things done in a timely manner. I am a very visual person and I thrived making the infographic designs. I gave directions on how I wanted it to look to the other girls and we all gathered all the different research we needed. I was very satisfied and proud with how it all turned out. 

With class discussions, my favorite article we read was the Western values no article. It was crazy to me that we had build such a toxic society. I really got into and understood it very well. Learning the crazy statistics such as consumption rose 28% in 5 decades. The fact that we have such a high growing population and we are also are consuming so much is crazy to me. I wonder how much longer the earth will last if we keep going at this rate? I then talked about probably the most I ever did in that class during the discussion over that article. I feel like with some of the other articles they were a little confusing or just did not make sense to me. This one was very easy to follow so I felt like I could answer any questions the teacher was gonna shoot at me. I was really interesting to me to hear the yes side arthurs point of view on the topic. It was very different from the no arthur. It is always good to hear multiple points of view, because you do not want to only know one side to things. I did agree with the no arthur a bit more. I may have been biased because I read his article, but it just does not make sense to me to be destructive to be aventual sustainable. One of the roots of the problems are companies and their advertisements. The no arthur made a little more sense to me by saying They manipulate people into thinking they need the biggest and news thing, instead of just using what they already have till it is not useful anymore. People are just greedy and will always want more. The only way that would work is by trying to enforce that minimize in best. It may be a lot of work but if we keep striving for that it could possible work aventual. 

Throughout this 4 week course I have learned a lot from my classmates, like their different perspective on subjects showed me various ways to think about things. The class was very eye opening and as a group we all work very nicely together. We would build off of each other and counteract each other as well. We all remained very civil throughout the whole class. The environment of the class was very open. I felt I could talk and share my opinions openly and no one would judge me. I always tried to talk at least two or three times in a class just to put my part in. I felt kinda confused at times but usually hearing people in the class talked about it made things a lot more clear. This class has challenged my thinking and the way I go about things in my everyday life now. I am more mindful now than when I started the class. Some examples are I went grocery shopping and I tried to not buy any products that have plastic packaging, try to walk anywhere if possible, or get a ride with a friend to a place we are both going. 

With my circle of influence I want and will do my best to make others more mindful. To take time and think about what you are purchasing and using is something everyone should do. I did not really do this until starting to go to this class. By Dr. Armstrong opening my eyes and showing me and my classmates the toxic habits that people have showed us what we could do to improve yourself and our ways of life. I will now lead by example and inform others of what they are doing that could possibly be hurting the earth and us in the future. We have to protect the earth and ourself. Being mindful will be hard and not as convenient now, but once people start to break these bad habits it will become easier. It will become the norm, because it will be like a butterfly effect. A butterfly flaps their wings in Chicago and a tornado happens in Tokyo. Hopefully once I put my influence on my circle they will do the same and it will build from their.

I just want to thank everyone in the class and most of Dr. Armstrong for these past 4 weeks. I have learned a great deal and have changed my way of thinking. Even with the daily meditations, which I love now, I would have thought were so silly and would never give it the time or the day before. I will try to be more mindful going through life and not take things for granted. Life is a sweet thing and we must cherish every bit of it.

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