Initiate: Sustainable Journey.

During one of our previous classes, we discussed the concept of mass population. One of the solutions that many people come to overlook and neglect is participating in adoption. There is a huge amount of kids that are in need of a safe and caring home. There are children in need not only in the united states, but all over the world as well. During the classes this semester, I also contributed that polyester takes 20 years to break down when cotton materials only take a few months, so if you are buying fast fashion materials, just try to make sure they’re not made out of anything that might be more damaging to the environment. When we had our first reading assignment, “The Lessons of Easter Island,” I mentioned that they didn’t use their resources to find help or travel the distance to figure out what’s beyond their own community. Asking for help would have been beneficial to them.

Just because we have the internet doesn’t mean we have power. If it’s just me behind a computer saying what I feel is right, then it may have no value. What has value is the fact that if a community picks up on it then there is a movement awaiting to happen. This is an example of social psychology and the means of having a good leader. If you have a leader, you’re likely to be a follower for what you believe in, but when that leader is not in it for the right reasons, then you’re not moving towards a good cause. What we need is good leaders leading our nation as well as on a global scale. In order to have the best chance at a successful and sustainable future, we need a leader who thinks on the behalf of the people and the people even after that.

I never realized the true impact of the wicked problems that we covered. Maybe I knew of them but didn’t know enough or how much of an impact they had on our environment. You could say I was very naïve before this class, but at least during my outside life before this class, I practiced sustainability daily, I just wasn’t thinking about how I was helping, I was just doing it because I knew it was kind to the earth.

I had no idea on how consumerism played a part in being a wicked problem. That was an aspect where I didn’t even stop to think about it. I knew about fast fashion, but I never thought of who caused fast fashion. On my first day of this course, I knew about it, and I knew that it was harmful because it was such a large amount of clothing being produced, and it’s not sustainable materials so it’s not breaking down fast, but I didn’t realize that the materials being used was causing toxic waste and producing carbon dioxide and methane being released in the air, leading to global warming and climate change.  

Overall, I took away that these issues are more harmful and more pressing than I thought. But I also learned that with a wicked problem, there might be a solution, or many different solutions, but it might take years to integrate that solution on a global scale. By swiping my card, I want to make more of an initiative by thinking to myself, “Do I vote for this?”

I want to learn more about the effects of poverty on the environment. When we were learning about it, I didn’t fully retain on how exactly it’s a wicked problem. I know that they’re not treating our environment equally, because most likely they’re not being treated equally. I want to learn more about how to help and be able to design for people in poverty or making an adequate living being able to help people out maybe just even by finding resources to design with that’s affordable for everyone.

I’ve definitely been the one to start more green initiatives around my house personally and I bring up these pressing issues that we may have to my family. When my family wants to buy something from these fast fashion websites, I try to remind them that the materials that they’re using is not good for the environment in many different ways including the carbon emissions it takes to even get the product here from shipping it over seas and then potentially to your house. Even driving to buy these products produces carbon. I know that fast fashion is convenient because it costs less, but I try to let them know about how cotton is less dangerous to the environment, so they should at least be aware of what materials they might be “voting” for.

Even from just a mindfulness aspect, by starting yoga or just simply asking a friend to join me in some kind of mindful activity, it could lead to more considerate thinking. What I mean by more considering thinking is just a more intentional way of going about in our daily life. When we’re clear minded we might be more aware about the effects of what we’re doing on a day to day basis, and be willing to change to be more kind to our environment around us.

From living in Los Angeles, I got used to the negative looks I got from saying I wanted plastic bags at checkout instead of bringing my own bags and I never want to be that person again. I also never want to be the person to judge anybody, no matter what they’re doing. This world doesn’t need any more hate. But the person I want to be is the person who sets an example at the grocery store by bringing my own bags and using public transportation and trying to eat vegan and looking for clothing that’s cotton instead of polyester. By simply setting an example, I believe that the world will start to change. It’s just like with how trends and “fashion” goes. If everyone starts to do it, most people will pick up on it and anything else will be borderline not socially acceptable.

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