The future for sustainability

Oh the future for sustainability. I could talk about this for days and not get tired of it. This class has so many major takeaways. I have learned so much about the pollution on this earth, poverty, and the fashion industry. Considering I have a little more knowledge throughout this course (I feel) than most, this time I was really able to dig deeper. I learned most of the course materials already so this time I was really able to analyze the text deeper for a better knowledge and understanding of what I’m reading. My favorite part of this course was the meditation we did. I feel so relaxed every class after we do this mind-focusing activity. I come into class pretty tired considering it starts at 9am and this always wakes me up. I have been practicing meditation for quite some time now, even in my personal time and after about a month or so of this, I feel more aware, awake, and focused, especially when doing homework. My major takeaway from this past week classes was how terrible people working in sweatshops are being treated. Being that our group project was over this, I learned so much. I feel like sweatshop working conditions are something that need more attention. Granted, it is hard to try and change these conditions or change where you shop based on this since almost every store has problems like these, but being more mindful about it might slightly help somehow. I have recently decided that I will probably give less money to companies I have learned about while working on my project because they seem to be some of the worst. Since I was already not a huge fan of walmart, who seems to be one of the worst companies when it comes to sweatshops, I will definitely not being giving them my money anymore. Another way I felt I could help contribute to this issue was by making people more aware. I used my social media and added a link to one of the articles I read and encouraged people to read it. Although it might not have had a huge impact, I know people at least saw the title. Before this week, I didn’t know anything about sweatshops and just thought apple was a company known for doing this. I couldn’t believe some of the things I read and it really opened my eyes to these issues. The one that was most concerning to me was that there is 10 – 12 year olds working at sweatshops in India instead of going to school and we are using them to make our clothes. Overall, the entire project was something I am not finished with. To me, this is just the start. I would like people to be more aware of the problems with my topic subject and try to help me make a difference. Another thing I would like to continue learning about is how people living in poverty create so much pollution. If you walk or drive by homeless populated areas, you see garbage everywhere but I feel it’s not completely all their garbage. Another thing I thought about is where does the garbage come from before they got it? Most of the time, people living in poverty get their food from our leftovers in the trash or something we give them, that we have polluted first. We give homeless people our leftover food or drinks not putting into consideration that if they don’t live in a city, they have nowhere to throw it away. During this class this is a point I brought up in discussion that I think a lot of people saw eye to eye with me on. Another big thing for me was fast fashion. I have to admit I fall guilty to this habit but I also feel I contribute to fashion a lot less than most. Thrifting has become more popular in teens and young adults and it’s something my friends and I love to do. I feel that thrifting is such a good solution to this issue on the consumer side because we are reusing clothing instead of just throwing it out. I also don’t throw clothes out like most either. I like to give my clothes I no longer want to family friends or donate them. Not to mention, I don’t shop very often (I can’t lie it’s mainly because I’m a broke college student) but regardless I shop less than most. I still wear some of the same clothes that I wore in the beginning years of high school and have no shame doing it. I think in these ways, I can’t be considered someone who partakes in fast fashion because I truly don’t.  I impact positive change to all my friends in family every time I talk to them. I tell my friends on the phone what I learn about in class and explain it to them and they push me to stand by the change I tell them I’m going to make and they try to do what they can alongside me to help push me and I feel it’s easier to do it as a team. This class is useful to anyone and everyone, not just design major students. All Americans could be affected by this course considering we could change how we live and learn a thing or two. Spreading the word through social media is super effective as well in my opinion since that is where we get all our trends from and that is what I will continue to do. It only takes one person to start a change movement and I know I can be that one person. My mom has followed me in this trend and teaches her students about the sustainability things I tell her I learn in this class. I am just getting started.

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