How wicked are unsolved problems?

Are they even worth trying to solve. Sustainability to me was always known as consistency, otherwise known as all the same. This definition has definitely evolved and changed in multiple ways. It has changed in the way that it stays consistent in order to fit different types of situations. This for example, is a wicked problem. A wicked problem is a problem that can not be solved. A problem that is a social or cultural issue that is difficult or impossible to solve. It is different from a tame problem for many reasons. Tame problems are able to be solved and are usually not that big of an issue or never have before so why now? Even though they are not as big of an issue, does not mean they do not occur as often. There are many characteristics of a wicked problem that many think of when this topic come to mind. The six characteristics are they do not have a definitive formulation, they do not have a “stopping rule.” In other words, these problems lack an inherent logic that signals when they are solved, their solutions are not true or false, only good or bad, there is no way to test the solution to a wicked problem, there is no end to the number of solutions or approaches to a wicked problem, and lastly, each wicked problem is very unique. All of these characteristics make it very hard for people to get the motivation to want to try and solve one of these problems or even just wrap up some more information. Knowing these problems are unsolvable, makes you question how wicked are they really? They are wicked enough that they are unsolvable, but what perhaps makes them that way and that much of an issue.

Intergenerational Responsibility is a topic that is frequently talked about not only in our nation, but in our world today. It carries with it the duty to refrain from impairing the environment and implies, among many other things, the judicious management and conservation of the country’s forests. Should everyone consider this or no? My thoughts consist of many ideas. Yes I agree that conserving our forests around the world is a smart idea, but we need most materials that are made from trees every single day. As a college student, we use paper every single day. We could not do that without trees. Excessive amounts of tree cutting should not be allowed, but some should be in order to maintain a normal life.

Easter Island is is an island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, it is located in the very out easternmost point of the Polynesian Triangle in Oceana. It is known for the mysterious sculptures of heads located on the island. The people living on the island created a thriving place to live and atmosphere. However, deforestation basically killed the island and left it bare and with nothing but the ocean and statues. This however could be the same road we are going down. This could also end in the same result in our world today as it did in Easter Island. This is something we need to keep in mind when using excess paper and other materials and products made from trees. Most importantly, deforestation needs to come to an end. We are slowly but surely killing our planet.

11th hour showed us many different issues in our world today that can not be solved. While we watched it made several different ideas pop into my head. All of the little ways we can help such as picking up trash or using less paper towels in the restroom. Activity 1 also put many ideas into perspective. I kept thinking of how many of these problems I didn’t know existed and how I can help while gaining more knowledge about these issues.

The Carbon Footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person, group, etc. This is something as humans we need to take into consideration. And definitley look more into.

Overall, our Earth is dying slowly but surely. Are we going to take better care of it like it is all we have. Because in reality we do not get another chance to go back and start all over. This is a wicked problem that has to be solved. Even though not possible to be solved, as humans it is our job to do our best to try.

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