Designers dress our world (Problem Solving)

Overall the first three lectures were based on many different people’s ideas and embracing those ideas. Ideas on whether or not to solve a problem, how to solve it, when, and where. Many creative ideas to get a group to agree on the same idea and if not, combine many different creative ideas. Designers all across the world are the most creative and flexible humans that have ever walked. They not only have creative ideas but are flexible with other ideas. They are flexible in many ways. They want to create pieces that everyone will love and want to wear on their body. We wear clothing to cover our body, but we also wear it to express creativity and show how we are different. In a way this is sort of like our chorography. It is the way we express ourselves and what fits our personality best.

Creativity to me is your ideas expressed in your wildest state. Innovation to me to building onto that. Sometimes this point of view changes. Creativity is flexible, so it can be viewed in many different ways. However, to me it will always mean jumping out of your comfort zone that you feel comfortable in and have for so long. Thinking beyond what you have before in your wildest state without being scared of judgement from other humans.Embracing other ideas is part of being creative. They may not be what you had thought of in your head or what your idea looked like, but knowing others have ideas as well. Flexibility like this is what draws the difference from being a good designer, to a great designer. Being in a learning community like the ones we are in Problem Solving and Wicked Problems helps this. It improves flexibility, opening up to each other’s ideas, and communicating well with others to solve problems. The problem I would like to solve is to somehow recycle clothing pieces and fabrics that people do not wear anymore due to size changes, excess clothing, or rips & tears. There is something we can do to recycle these clothing pieces and either use it to make new pieces and start over or put the piece back on the floor and sell it again. This would lead our world into the right direction of a better environment. This is my idea to solve too much excessive clothing and nowhere to put it. I have felt passionate about this issue for so long. Growing up with two younger sisters and so many little girl cousins, so many clothing pieces go missing. I am determined to find a helpful and effective way to recycle clothing pieces. Not just do away with them.

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