Paradox of Problems

Sustainability was something I once thought of in terms of goods. Goods like clothing for example. I t was always the thought of, “How long. can I wear this before replacing. it.”. Now, to me, it means something different. Sustainability is now, how can we make our resources last while finding an alternative. Or, how can we make this product last without creating more issues. This ties into our ideas of wicked problems. Problems that are hard to solve without creating more, or bigger, problems. For example, we could stop the use of oil and fossil fuels and move to a more sustainable resource such as air or sun. However, this would increase our deforestation rates. The six characteristics of wicked problems are as follows; it has no definitive answer, it has no definitive formulation, there is no way to tackle it, the answers can only be good or bad, every problem is a symptom of another problem, and the can be multiple answers/solutions. But we cannot blame. any of our current problems on the past generations if we are not willing to try and fix anything. Blame cannot come without action. This is our planet too and we must save and protect it from ourselves.

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