Whoah That’s Wicked

After all this time in class we have talked about this word called sustainability. Do you know what it is and even if you do, do you know what it fully means? Well if you said yes, me either till I did some more research. As far as I can say I’m pretty sure that when you hear the word sustainable you think of the environment and renewable fuel sources. Maybe you think of how you can save it by making it a better place full of life, clean, pleasing to look at and what we were used to seeing growing up. When we were little you didn’t hear this talk of straws killing the sea turtles or by the time we grow up and the world is going to die. Nothing could go wrong; we couldn’t see the world for how corrupt it actually is. During class I came to the realization that so much has been going on with the earth and even the environment around me that I have fallen a victim to the issue myself. Everyone has always talked about climate change and how the world is falling apart while people still go on with their days so why shouldn’t I?

When watching The 11th Hour it opened my eyes to see what is really going on. The only thing is the movie was produced in 2007 it is 2020 thirteen years later and still nothing is happening. Just as Professor Jayadas said you can do all the talking in the world and still no one will help. You can see a cute little animal in an environment that has just been taken away from it and be sad for a few moments and then continue your day.  This blew my mind! I have easily become to blame for doing this and I can say my friends and family would also fit into the category. At the end of the day you can only be in control of what you do and how you make an impact into this world. I started thinking about how I could help without having to create something that would take up a lot of time. After all I am a student like one of you, life comes up and things get in the way. I started looking up companies who were helping with Climate Change and how they created sustainable designs to help them. Banco do Brasil is a Brazilian bank that provides green buildings, renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. “Alphabet” the parent company of Google is now fully powered by renewable energy; HP has made energy-efficient equipment that includes printers made from recycled plastic there are many companies that are trying to help make a change and cover their carbon footprint. So many more companies are staring to make a change even if it is removing all plastic straws and drink stirrers like Marriott did with all of its 6,500 hotels and resorts worldwide. 


About heybettywhite

I am a student at the University of Oklahoma State looking forward to learning more about what these younger kids are calling "Wicked Problems."
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