Journey to Becoming Sustainable and Mindful

My personal understanding of sustainability is certain actions we can take in order to prevent harm from the environment. I have learned that sustainability is much more than that. A wicked problem is something that cannot be completely solved. For example, hunger, poverty etc. While action can be taken to try and reduce these things as much as possible, it is hard to solve them completely on a global scale. 

According to the Carbon Footprint calculator, my footprint is 5% worse than average. It is hard to accurately input correct information when you are gauging it for an entire household, however I did my best. I am thankful that this website gives insight and information about how to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Prior to this class I had very little knowledge about Easter Island. I was aware of the large statues and that eventually everyone disappeared, but I wasn’t sure why or how. After reading the article before class I was shocked to see that the people on Easter Island had a very technologically advanced community. They were dedicated to their religion and had developed a strong sense of community. However once they started to advance in technology, they began to cut down trees on the island. This soon led to deprivation of all trees preventing them from living everyday life. Due to their overuse of their available resources eventually the entire island went extinct. After discussing this historical moment in class, it was rather scary and eye opening to compare Easter Island to the world today. We are also doing the same thing and using our resources rather carelessly (not everyone, but a large majority) and causing harm to the environment. Although we have only had this class twice so far, my views on wicked problems and sustainability have been greatly expanded and I am excited to learn more! I am specifically excited to learn more about meditation and practicing mindfulness, so that I can use those tools in everyday life and to become more sustainable as a whole.  

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