My first blog over Wicked Problems

Sustainability is something that I have just become aware of as of last semester. Of course, I knew we were to “save the planet” and “reduce, reuse, and recycle” but I never knew the technical term was defined as ‘Sustainability’. I was driving around Stillwater with a friend who is also a Fashion Merchandising Major and she started talking about her minor in sustainability. I asked her what it was and she described it as “not letting the fashion we know and love go to waste into the world that we know and love.” That is what I would describe sustainability to someone who had absolutely no idea what this term meant. This definition to me is way more important to me than it was a year ago. I had no clue what sustainability meant. 

When I first registered for this class, I had no idea what a wicked problem was. To be honest, I signed up for this class because it is a prerequisite for classes I want to take next semester. But the more I’ve been listening in class and understanding what a wicked problem is, I have become more interested in it. I enjoyed watching the 11th hour video we watched in class. It made me have a realization of what our world has come to and gave me a quick glance at what our earth will look like we keep using it like a trash bag. I finally understood what a wicked problem was. A wicked problem is a problem that doesn’t have a solution. It is so crazy to think about how many wicked problems we have in the world. Along with these wicked problems comes intergenerational responsibility. To be honest, I am still new to the definition of intergenerational responsibility. But from what I believe, we as a generation, have a responsibility to keep this earth green and healthy for as long as we can in order for the next generations that come after us are able to have a happy, healthy, earth-loving life.

Carbon Footprints are something new to me. I was never worried about my carbon footprint until this class. I also was not very aware of how much this earth is in trouble with nature and the 11th hour video also showed me I need to become more aware of how I should be living my daily life. On the website provided for us that talked about Carbon Footprints, says my Total Footprint is 30 tons CO2/year. That seems like a lot! 30 tons of a gas! That truly amazes me and it says I am 14% better than average. I am interested in learning more about carbon footprint and what are some ways I can start using a less amount of CO2 each year.

My self narrative throughout this class has already changed so much when it comes to awareness of our Earth. I have started to change my habits including having metal straws instead of plastic straws, recycling in my dorm instead of throwing everything in my trashcan. This class has prompted me to change simple lifestyle decisions into ones that glorifies the earth in all of its beauty. 

While this is only an 8 week course, I believe I will learn so much in this class. It is a class that I am interested in not only for myself, but because of this class, I will be able to help people around me make more earth-friendly decisions. I am excited to see what else this course has in store for me. 

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