Saving our home…the earth

Before I was in this class, I thought sustainability was just recycling, planting trees, and drinking out of paper straws. I never saw it as a big issue I just thought it was something people did. However, after being to class three times my eyes have opened and I realized it is more than just recycling and using paper straws. Sustainability is not just something we can do to help save our world. Sustainability is something that the world population will have to commit to. There are ways to help like having a mindful attitude and being aware. Having a mindful life involves meditating this helps the brain slow day and take in what is around you. Being aware of what is around you helps you see that the world is changing. Attitudes rub off and bringing change to the world will influence other to make a change. Global warming is considered a “wicked” problem because there is no end in sight. The only thing that can change that is the human population. 

You may be asking “umm what is a wicked problem and how is global warming one?” There are tame problems and wicked problems both have different characteristics. Some example of wicked problems is deforestation, global warming, plastic in the ocean, etc. These are wicked because there is no correct or clear answer on how to fix it. Another reason these are wicked problem’s is because there is not solution in sight solving this problem is so far away which is why wicked problems can be scary. Tame problems have a clear simple answer that can be solved, but most wicked problems ca not be solved. Global warming fits the six characteristics of wicked problems which are vague problem’s, variable solutions, solutions with no end point, solution pose irreversible effects, solutions require unique approaches and urgent. This reminded me of the article Easter Island, which was about an island running out of resources. This is a lot like what we are facing day to day because we notice that we are running low on resources, but no one is working to help stop it. Easter Island became a warzone and no longer a livable place and this is the path our world is going down. As a world we need to become more focused on the world around us and not just ourselves. After watching the 11th hour video I realized that global warming is not going to fix itself it is up to us we have to fight to make a change. The 11th hour video really made me realize how much trouble our world is in. It discussed in detail deforestation, global warming, population growth and many other things that are hurting out earth. Overall, change is going to have to happen but who is going to make that change. Will it be next year? Next generation? Or never? People focus more on pointing their finger to blame someone but in reality, it is all our faults that our earth is in this condition. I believe that everyone leaves a carbon footprint and as a whole we need to focus on fixing it. Personally, I drive a car, travel in a plane, use electronics, many other things but now that I am aware of it I plan to lower my carbon footprint. Out world has to come together to save our home…the Earth.

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