The Inner Thoughts of Sustainability.

Walking into this class I haven’t really thought too hard on the idea of sustainability and how much it affected our planet, creatures and natural resources. However, after seeing the documentary The 11th Hour on the first day of class, it gave me a better understanding of how much our world is being affected everyday by wicked problems that aren’t being solved in this world. In the documentary, they showed how much the world will change and is changing everyday but the simple task we do, some of us don’t even realize we are doing. For example, they mentioned how the population is growing too fast, too many of us are using fossil fuels too fast, and how corporate economics has damaged our environment and they’re too powerful for us to do anything about it. Even working on activity 1 in the first week it gave me a better look on how these big problems that our world is facing has truly no solutions but there are ways to slow it down, however it seems that nobody has done anything to help it. However, going off on that idea, we also did another assignment called the wildest thing which was probably my favorite assignment we did this week because it let us be creative with any wicked problem and finding a solution to solve it. Many of them were crazy, farfetch ideas but still unique and innovative.

Sustainability, the concept that many have tried to conquer for awhile now, but is now slowly killing our planet. Many see sustainability as a wicked problem, meaning that it’s a problem that is near impossible to find a solution for, which is different from a tame problem, a tame problem is more transparent and understandable. A wicked problem has 6 characteristics that makes them difficult to solve, those being, vague problems, variable solutions, solutions have no end point, solutions pose irreversible effects, solutions require unique approaches and urgent. These ideas makes me think of the story we read outside of class called Eastern Islanders, this passage was about how this island ran out of all their resources. To me, I feel that this is the road that our world is heading on. We are soon going to be on that path of running out of all of our resources that we have, unless we become more cautious when we use those resources. 

However, with me, I feel that I want to be on this sustainability path but it’s much harder than it seems. I feel that little changes everyday can change the way our world is little by little. For example, not using plastic straws is an easy switch to help the sea life. The thought of sustainability has changed tremendously throughout the years because of technology and population growth, the meaning of sustainability changes everyday. I did however take the carbon footprint quiz because I wanted to know how my day to day life has an affect on the earth and my score came out to 18 tons of CO2 every year. In the long run, that number is a lot and there is still room to bring that number down. However, we all have our own self-narrative in the world, how we see the world and how we impact it as well as a paradigm which is how we perceive the world. With that in mind, I do believe that what we do today affects our future generations immensely. Intergenerational responsibility, is being brought up more than ever if we want to save our world and our future. The rate we are going at now in the world, many say that by the year 2050, the world will be overpopulated as well we may lose all our resources. With that, I’m very ecstatic to learn more about the wicked problems we face in the world, how we as humans can live a more sustainable lifestyle and being more aware and in harmony with nature.

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