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I have always worked hard to practice mindfulness in my daily life. Whether that means choosing to drink water over pop or choosing homework over a nap, these small decisions require being mindful of the effects that these activities have my health and time. Mindfulness to me is making more conscious and well thought out decisions as well as just being more thoughtful of your surroundings. In this way, I believe practicing mindfulness can aid us in sustainability practices.

The “Mindfulness and Sustainability” reading truly showed me that mindfulness can be a catalyst for change in our lives. I liked how in the reading, it called sustainability a, “luxury problem.” I can completely understand how it is seen as this type of problem because why would people want to worry about the environment when they are worrying about their own life? The solution to this is pure true mindfulness. I think Mark Cohen said it best in his TED Talk. He mentioned how the biggest killer in our lives is our own lifestyles. Changing our lifestyles requires mindfulness. It requires us to thoroughly reevaluate our choices and make conscious decisions to change these choices.

One way that I have been reevaluating my choices is from learning about the wicked problem that I worked on for activity 2. For activity 2, I studied textile water waste, specifically water waste from the dyes used for textiles. After learning more about this, I found out that approximately 15% of dyes used for the dyeing process are released into water. This fact has me reevaluating how I view my clothing. I am now trying to see deeper and understand the true cost of my garments. One of those costs is unpolluted water and aquatic life.

This reminds me of Cohen’s Talk because in the beginning he mentioned how it is hard to be happy when you aren’t well, and it is hard to be well when those around you aren’t happy. I feel like if the environment around me is not “happy” then I am not doing as well in those moments. Truly one of the best ways I can help my environment and myself is to practice even more mindfulness, and one way Dr. Jayadas has taught us to practice mindfulness is through meditation. I have had teachers in the past that practiced meditation so it is not all that new to me, but the breathing meditation exercise that we learned is very helpful in my everyday mindfulness.

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