Mindfulness to Awareness

Imagine absolute silence, your eyes closed, not thinking about anything specific. This to me is absolute rest and when I am rested, I feel confidence in what I plan to achieve that day. Some people call this meditation, but it is also called being mindful. In addition to your own motivation, mindfulness can also create focus, clarity, and a drive to act. Being mindful is being aware of, not only yourself, but your surroundings as well. If you were to take this idea of being mindful and put it into play, you would begin to notice so much more around you. One example is the deterioration of the earth. Now we haven’t been alive for 100 years to see the visible change, but if we are mindful and focused, we can begin to see the statistics being put into action. Things you would notice are that carbon rate has increased by at least 30 billion tons in the last 100 years, that our amount of significant natural disasters has increased, and that plastic is a waste of our energy and resources.

In an article we read about mindfulness this week, it talks about how being mindful is you’re your, “Thoughts and feelings are put into events in your mind.” This can be very healthy for us when relating to the climate change crisis. If we can place our thoughts and feelings in our minds and imagine an event it would push us to act.         

While practicing mindfulness I was able to see the problem that mas produced neighborhoods have become in relation to climate change. I’ve learned that these neighborhoods are constantly being built and taken down, which costs us a large amount of CO2 that we cannot afford to waste. In addition, I learned the mass deforestation and land disturbance that occurs from these neighborhoods again increases the amount of CO2 that’s stuck in our air. From being mindful, these kinds of problems become more evident and clearer than before. Therefore, if more people were to practice this then more would be in tune with the crisis at hand.

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