Mindfulness is the new Happiness

 When thinking of mindfulness I think about living with purpose and intention.This also has to do with realizing what you’re doing and the effect it’s going to have later on. Mindfulness is something that doesn’t just come naturally, but it’s something that has to be practiced everyday. Mindfulness and sustainability work together because when you start to become mindful of yourself, the effects of what you do turn into being sustainable and therefore having a positive effect in the long run.   

When reading ‘Mindfulness and Sustainability’ and watching Marc Cohen’s TED talk, I noticed many similarities between the two. Marc talks about the importance of self wellness and what that entails. He says by changing yourself you can change the world. I see how this relates to sustainability, because if you are mindful of yourself, this can affect your actions which can impact the globe. The reading also talks about how being mindful can impact your happiness and health overall. Marcs talk really focuses on a mindset that is more “we” focused than “I” focused. Marc said that training your mind and keeping this mindset will help you in being mindful. Overall, both the reading and the TED talk portray the same message and really make you think about yourself and how you can also be more mindful.

My wicked problem I chose for activity two was ocean pollution. This wicked problem is important to me because not only do I love the ocean, but this issue has been ongoing for too long and is impacting our globe in a devastating way. It was interesting when pulling up articles on ocean pollution and seeing the numerous options I was able to choose from. This just showed me the urgentness of this issue and how serious it really was. Trying to relate this issue to my field was hard at first, but then when I thought of the mass trash production merchandising produces, I knew this issue would work perfectly. Ocean pollution is a wicked problem because of the mass effect it is having on not only the waters, but it’s also affecting us without us realizing it.

Getting to meditate in class was very interesting but also a very relaxing experience. I had never meditated before and I have to say the experience was better than I would have thought. I noticed how much more calm, and how much my heart rate dropped after doing it. I now I can say that I think meditation is very important for people in giving them a way to calm down and create peace for their mind. I truly think everyone should take a little time out of their day to meditate to take a break from the crazy outside world.

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