Mindfulness. Something college students have an imbalance of. In this day and age, thankfully, people are starting to become more mindful about mindfulness and the awareness of mental health. When I was in high school, I never really heard anything about mental health until my junior year. It was a shock to see how many people around me were affected by their imbalance of a healthy mindset. Mindfulness is so important because in order to be right with the people around us, our boss, our coworkers, our parents, and our friends, we have to be aware of what is going on inside of ourselves. While some people find it hard to focus on themselves and think that they don’t need time to themselves, it is better and easier to think about it as if it helps the other people around you as well, not just yourself. 

People have very different ways of practicing mindfulness. Whether that’s meditating, pampering yourself, relaxing, or being alone and enjoying the quiet, all are very helpful for not only yourself, but for the people around you as well. A way that I practice mindfulness is by doing a quiet time or devotional before I go to my classes for that day. I enjoy waking up early, drinking my coffee, reading my bible, and just spending time with the Lord. After I do that, I have such a different mindset for the rest of the day and I feel more prepared for what the day will throw at me. If I am wanting to go all out, I will make myself an iced coffee. Of course, you have to drink your iced coffee with a straw so a way that I use sustainability is by using a metal straw instead of a plastic straw. I know it’s so small and doesn’t seem important but it makes me feel better about myself; knowing that I’m using a more earth-friendly product rather than the product that is easier and more accessible. 

Another way I practice mindfulness is by clearing out my mind as well as the physical space around me. I like to clean my room or clean my bathroom while listening to music and allow myself to clear my mind in that way. While I didn’t really enjoy the meditation experience in class, I know a lot of people enjoy it and take time out of their day in order to meditate and be one with nature, people, the atmosphere, and themselves. All types of mindfulness are so important and crucial to our everyday lives and changes the way that we see ourselves and how we interact with each other. 

In class we watched that TED talk by Marc Cohen and to be honest, he was using a lot of words and knowledge that kind of went over my head. But from what I did take away from this talk was that in the word Wellness, we see the word We. In the word Illness, we see the letter I. He connected those by saying in order to be well, we have to depend on each other and we have to understand that we do not go through this life alone. I like how he also opened up the floor with “How do you ‘be happy’?” And he quickly responded “It is hard to be happy when you or the things/people around you aren’t well.” For some reason, that clicked in my head and reminded me that I want to be well so that I can help with someone else’s path to a healthy mindset. This TED talk also related to my Activity 2 because I enjoy nature a lot and being outside, enjoying the weather and taking in all of the natural creation. And it is hard to enjoy nature when it isn’t there or you know it is in danger. With deforestation, trees of all kinds are being cut down and destroyed when it is not even necessary to cut them down. 

Mindfulness is so important to our everyday lives and it allows us to take time for ourselves and keeps us on the right track of life. 

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