Sustaining the Mind

I really started to practice mindfulness, when I studied the law of attraction last summer. It is something really makes you consider and question each thought you think and each action you take. Being mindful is a tool I generally use for manifestation, and it is something that can easily be applied to eco-friendly practices. I believe the more you start to take note about how much you consume on a day to day basis, the more conscious you are the next time you are given the opportunity to pick a more environmentally friendly alternative. The major problem that I learned about for activity 2 is gentrification. I think a way to minimize the impact of gentrification of cities is to support small locally owned business. It will not get rid of the problem, but it will help the families that are being affected negatively by gentrification.   

In Marc Cohen’s ted talk he discusses that it is hard for us to be happy if we ourselves are not well, and yet we cannot be well if the environment and the people around us are not well. It is as if we are all energetically connected to every aspect of our surroundings.

Based on both the ‘Mindfulness and Sustainability’ reading and Cohen’s ted talk, one method that allows us to be in tune with our surroundings is the practice of meditation. I do say I have to agree that meditation and mindfulness should be taught in schools, because think the younger someone learns to be mindful the more well-rounded, they will become as an adult.  I think that even the ten minutes of breathwork exercises that we did in class had helped me calmed my nerves about the project we are doing in my Studio class a vast amount.  

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